2018 Oregon-China Conference on Culture, Language, and Business.

As long time partners with the Confucius Institute we are proud that two of our PSSCA Board Members will be presenting special topics.

Jeffrey Kinkley, PSSCA: SecretaryPresenting in a language panel discussion on fiction and film as resources for teaching modern Chinese history along with Desmond Cheung, Assistant Professor of History at Portland State University (PSU). Jeffrey is a Courtesy Professor of History also at PSU.

Adam Carpenter, PSSCA: MarketingPresenting in a business panel and presenting topic titled: "Coffee, Cash & Communism: Relating firsthand stories working in and with China since 2004." Adam works in Business Development and Marketing at Matisse Capital.

Oregon-China Conference on Culture, Language, and Business

The Confucius Institute at Portland State University (CIPSU) is delighted to invite you to the 2018 Oregon-China International Conference on Culture, Language, and Business held on Thursday, September 13, 2018. This collaborative project among CIPSU, WorldOregon, the Oregon Department of Education, Northwest China Council, and Institute for Asian Studies at PSU brings together educators, business leaders, students, and members of the general public and covers the following topics:

  • Cultural Studies

  • Language Education

  • International Business

In addition, this event is an opportunity for those interested in learning more about Confucius Institute programming, sharing experiences of their partnerships with China, and exploring best practices and opportunities in Confucius Classrooms.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Mel Gurtov, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Portland State University Mr. Derrick Olsen, President of WorldOregon

30th Anniversary PSSCA Gala in Partnership with Lan Su Chinese Garden

"An Enchanted Evening Under the Stars"

The 2018 Evening Under the Stars Gala marks the 30th anniversary of Portland and Suzhou sister city friendship. It is the culmination of weekend-long festivities that encompassed sister city friendship tree planting ceremony, photo exhibit at the City Hall and Suzhou Chinese Orchestra performances at PSU’s Lincoln Hall.

We kicked off this year’s Gala with the Lee Association Dragon and Lion Dance led by Terry Lee. For the first time in PSSCA Gala history, the entertainment program featured prominent artists from both Suzhou and Portland.  As the 2018 Gala Chair, the highlight of the entertainment program is the process of producing and presenting a variety of high quality performances with seamless delivery. Our distinguished guests from both cities were treated to a visual and auditory feast that embodied the integration and unity of East and West cultural elements: a beautiful melody of Kunqu Opera from the Peony Pavilion by a famed master from Suzhou juxtaposed with heart-warming arias of Puccini and Verdi sang by Portland Opera stars; Suzhou Chinese Orchestra musicians whose skillful performance on traditional Chinese musical instruments - Pipa and Guzheng - enchanted our audience while BodyVox dancers morphed their physical beauty with that of natural setting at Lan Su Garden.

I continue to be amazed at how we managed to pull off a stunning show without the luxury of rehearsal time when artists from various professional companies in both cities who have never met before came together in the last hour! Deep gratitude is also expressed for our generous donors and sponsors! (link to sponsors) It speaks volumes of all involved whose discipline, commitment and goodwill transcend language and cultural barriers, the strongest testament to the long-lasting relationship of Portland and Suzhou.

Happy 30th Anniversary!


2017 Commercial Delegation Visit from Suzhou’s Jiangsu Province

On May 10, a distinguished 15-member delegation from Suzhou’s Jiangsu Province arrived at Portland City Hall for an economic development meeting. It was led by Deputy Director Wu Hui, Division of Foreign Affairs, Department of Commerce in Jiangsu Province.


The City of Portland was represented by Hector Miramontes, International Relations Director and Chido Dhliwayo, International Relations Associate from the Mayor’s Office. Sunun Setboonsarng, Global Trade Specialist and Colin Sears, Business Recruitment Officer represented Business Oregon. Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association was represented by Lynne McIntyre, President, and Robert Fraser Vice President.

Bureau and Section Chiefs represented a number of cities, districts and industrial zones from Jiangsu Province including Suzhou and: Nanjing, Wuxi Xinwu, Liyuan, Jiangyin, Yizeng, Donghai and Suqian. Company executives represented Jiangsu Holly Corporation, Jiangsu Hiteker High Tech Co., Ltd., Suzhou Dongde Intelligent Electric Automobile S&T and Innovation Park, Lianyungang Jingdu Group, Nanjing Mecom Company and Jiangsu HJH Science and Technology Co. Ltd. Lynne McIntyre commented after the visit “This was a wonderful delegation representing different economic, business and government interests. We were very pleased that there were representatives from Suzhou among their number.

The Business Oregon presentation caught the interest of several delegates, particularly those factors that set Oregon and Portland apart from the communities the delegation visited in the Los Angeles area. They seemed incredulous that Oregon does not have a sales tax and expressed great interest in our tax incentives. A number of business and educational opportunities were explored for future pursuit and follow up”.

2015 Evening Under the Stars Gala - June 12, 2015


We thank all of our guests for joining the Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association in the beautiful Lan Su Chinese Garden for our annual signature fundraising event - the Evening Under the Stars Gala:

  • To commemorate 27 years of friendship and cooperation in culture, education and business between the citizens of Portland and Suzhou, China

  • To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Lan Su Chinese Garden, a friendship project between Portland and Suzhou.

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Group picture - Med

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Group picture - Med

There were numerous highlights for the evening including, but not limited to, the keynote remarks by Consul General Luo; the gift presentation to City of Suzhou by Mayor Hales; the group toast and the group pictures to mark this special occasion; and the presentations of the 2015 Leadership Awards and the Newcombe Wang Memorial Scholarship.

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Group Toast

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Group Toast

We were very much honored by the presence of the many VIP guests including Consul General of PRC Luo Linquan, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales and Mrs. Nancy Hales, Former Mayor Bud Clark, Senate President Pro Tempore Ginny Burdick, Rep. Brian Clem, Rep. Paul Evans, Rep. Jennifer Williamson, Governor's Senior Policy Director Vice Porter, Portland Director of Government Relations Martha Pellegrino, Portland Director of International Relations Hector Miramontes, Travel Portland's Billie Moser and Jeff Hammerly, Portland Development Commission Representatives, our honored sponsors and the many other VIP guests in attendance. Last but not least are our partners from Lan Su Chinese Garden for this celebration - Executive Director Jane DeMarco and Board President Kathy MacNaughton.

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Mayor and Mrs. Hales, CG Luo

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Mayor and Mrs. Hales, CG Luo

It gives us great pleasure to recognize the winners for the 2015 Leadership Awards:

(1) Business Leadership Award: Great Cheer (America), Inc.

(2) Education Leadership Awards: Hosford Middle School and Cascade Heights Public Charter School

(3) Cultural Leadership Award: Lan Su Chinese Garden

We would also like to congratulate our 2015 Newcombe Wang Memorial Scholarship Award winner: Ms. Kelly Huang.


Our most sincere appreciations to our sponsors, board directors, members and volunteers to make this all possible.   A very big THANK YOU to everyone.

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Award Business Leadership to Great Cheer (America) Inc

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Award Business Leadership to Great Cheer (America) Inc

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Award Education Leadership to Hosford Middle School

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Award Education Leadership to Hosford Middle School

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Award Education Leadership to Cascade Heights Public Charter School

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Award Education Leadership to Cascade Heights Public Charter School

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Award Cultural Leadership to Lan Su Chinese Garden

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Award Cultural Leadership to Lan Su Chinese Garden

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Scholarship Winner Kelly Huang 1

6-12-15 PSSCA Gala - Scholarship Winner Kelly Huang 1