2015 Annual Meeting Dec 9 2015


You are cordially invited to join us for a very special evening as we celebrate 30 years of history in the founding of the Portland-Suzhou Sister City Relationship and the development of its friendship project, the Lan Su Chinese Garden.We will pay tribute to the original founding group, many gathered in Portland this past summer to mark this very special milestone.Below are two pictures from their gathering in the Lan Su Chinese Garden with representatives from our association and the Lan Su Chinese Garden.

We are very honored to have as our keynote speaker, Mr. Patrick LaCrosse, one of the very few people that was involved from the beginning with this long and beautiful history 30 years ago.The title of Pat’s talk is “Suzhou, 1985.A Chance Encounter.”Pat is the former Director of the Portland Development Commission and first Director of the Lan Su Chinese Garden. 

PSSCA Founders in Garden

PSSCA Founders in Garden

Pat was a member of the first Portland group to travel to Suzhou in 1985 that began the Portland Suzhou Sister City Relationship, was active for many years with PSU--Suzhou student relations, and was asked by Mayor Katz to take over the management of the Lan Su Chinese Garden 6 months prior to its grand opening in 2001.  Using anecdotes,  he will describe in detail some of the more colorful experiences.

Please join us to help celebrate these very special achievements.We look forward to greeting new and old friends, to thank our sponsors and supporters and to hold a short annual business meeting.

Date: Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015 6:00pm - Networking 6:30pm - Welcome 6:35pm - 10-course Chinese Dinner 7:30pm - Suzhou, 1985.  A Chance Encounter by Mr. Patrick LaCrosse 8:10pm - PSSCA Business Meeting/Election of 2016 Board and Officers 8:30 - 9:00pm - Networking

Location: Szechuan Chef Chinese Restaurant 5331 SW Macadam Ave, #115, Portland (Ground floor in John’s Landing)