Suzhou Calligraphy Exhibition 2013


United States Exhibition of Wu School Calligraphy

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the two cities, in order to further promote the cultural exchanges and increase the friendship between Chinese and US people, calligraphers from Suzhou visited Portland with sincerity to display 30 newly created pieces.  Suzhou hereby wishes the friendship between US and China everlasting. Suzhou is a noted historical and cultural city in China and the calligraphy in Suzhou is richly endowed by nature. “Wu School Calligraphy” in Ming Dynasty enjoys high reputation at home and abroad and forms the flourishing scene of “all the calligraphy schools in China regard Suzhou as forefather”.

PSSCA-2013-Delegation        PSSCA-2013-Suzhou-Delegation-Medium

Now Suzhou Calligraphy school has inherited the good traditions, carried forward the urban spirits of “cherishing literacy and wisdom, being open-minded and tolerant, seeking for excellence creation and accomplishing everlasting harmony” to dive into the innovation of calligraphy.  The calligraphy creation keeps harmonious development with the academic and educational activities. In December, 2007, Suzhou was honorably selected as the first “Noted Calligraphy City” in China, which unveils the new historical chapter of Wu School calligraphy.

Portland and Suzhou signed the sister-city agreement in June 1988 and for the past 25 years, both cities have achieved outstanding achievements in culture, education, garden and economic cooperation and exchanges.

August 2013